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          Copper Splice Closures

          View all of our Copper Splice Closures products below:

          Heat shrink and mechanical closure products

          Heat shrink closures

          Heat shrink closures provide sealing, mechanical protection and chemical/weather protection of cable joints in both pressurized and non-pressurized Copper networks. CommScope offers

          Product familyInfo sheetProduct listAccessories
          XAGA 500/ 530/ 550
          Non-pressurized networks
          Arial, buried and ducted
          Up to 3600pair
          Family spec sheet XAGA 500/530/550 XAGA 500/530/550 products XAGA 500/530/550 accessories
          XAGA 1000
          Pressurized networks
          Buried and ducted
          Up to 4800pair
          Family spec sheet XAGA 1000 XAGA 1000 products XAGA 1000 accessories
          Non-pressurized networks
          Arial, buried and ducted
          Up to 200pair
          Family spec sheet Pedcap Pedcap products?

          View other heat shrink kits (repair sleeves, blocking, cable end protection, etc.).


          Mechanical closures

          Mechanical closures provide an easy-to-install and re-enterable watertight sealing of underground or aerial splices in non-pressurized copper networks.

          Product familyInfo sheetProduct list

          Aerial, ducted and direct buried
          Family spec sheet Certi-seal
          Family spec sheet Gelsnap
          Certi-seal and Gelsnap products
          MJC – Mechanical Joint Closure
          Aerial, ducted and direct burried
          Re – usable
          Family spec sheet MJC MJC products
          GS3 1650 – Copper splice closure sealing system
          Arial, ducted and direct buried
          Family spec sheet GS3 GS3 1650 products