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          Horizontal and Vertical Cable Managers

          View all of our Horizontal and Vertical Cable Managers products below:

          CommScope's horizontal and vertical cable management (VCM) kits help keep your data centers, intra-building throughways and telecommunication closets organized. Made with powder-coated aluminum, these sturdy but lightweight structures reside next to your racks and provide the troughs, spools and trays to secure, protect and conceal your patch cables. Available in single-sided or double-sided versions, our VCM kits include silver or black doors, which can be opened from the left, right or removed altogether.

          • Sturdy, lightweight doors available in four sizes?
          • Patent-pending door latching mechanism with easy closing feature?
          • Recessed handle eliminates snag potential for clothes and arms?
          • Horizontal cover hinges up or down and locks into position with cylindrical finger ends for easy snap-on installation?
          • C channel bracket allows for easy access to the cable trough?
          • Tool-free installation of cable spool
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