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          C-RAN Small Cells

          View all of our C-RAN Small Cells products below:

          In an effort to eliminate handovers and interference in large, high-traffic public venues like coliseums, airports, medical centers and shopping malls, CommScope has pioneered a single-cell cloud radio access network (C-RAN) small cell system: OneCell?.

          This award-winning solution is simple and economical to deploy and delivers consistent, superior LTE performance. With CommScope's breakthrough cell virtualization, OneCell can multiply a system's capacity by allowing multiple users to share the same frequencies without interference.

          • Deployed over standard Ethernet switches and cabling
          • Does not require complex configuration or radio frequency planning
          • Uses cell virtualization to enable multiple users to share the same frequencies, effectively multiplying system capacity
          • Streamlines communication to core network and neighboring macro cells for improved performance and easier deployment