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          Small Cell Management Systems

          View all of our Small Cell Management Systems products below:

          CommScope's small cell management system is a platform that provisions and manages small cell deployments ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of small cells. This sophisticated management system features plug-and-play simplicity and integrates with popular OSS and network management systems via standard protocols and interfaces.

          • Automatically configures over 100 key network and radio frequency parameters for connected access points
          • Self-organizing network (SON) algorithms optimize small cell RF characteristics, improving performance by up to 90 percent
          • Tools for provisioning, small-cell-to-macro coordination and device software upgrades
          • Visually intuitive dashboards allow support personnel to quickly identify and resolve customer issues
          • Utilizes open, standards-based architecture—based on the popular TR-069 device management protocol
          • Scalable—can expand to manage millions of device